Save Our Community Park

A Community Asset on the Chopping Block

The Qualicum Beach Community Park has long been a pristine, peaceful refuge for its residents, providing ample shade and beauty via its vast trail network through the woods. We've collected a trove of vast memories from walking with our families and our dogs, while reveling beneath the canopy of the evergreens. This is an iconic part of our village; a community asset to be guarded and passed to generations forth.

It has been announced that about 250 meters of trail and up to 5 acres of forest on Jones and Rupert are now on the chopping block to become the permanent home of the Public Works Yard. Here, the trails meander down a gentle slope south of the cemetery, through a gorgeous setting of healthy trees--many of which are over 70 years old. Know this: once they are gone, they are gone for good.

If the Town changed the location through the grant, we can certainly try to make that happen...- MLA Adam Walker, Committee of the Whole, April 29th, 2021

There is Still Time To Make a Change!

Our MLA Adam Walker signaled that the Province will be willing to work with our Town during the April 29th Committee of the Whole Meeting. While we need this housing, we also need our beautiful treasures. We believe that we can have both, and we know the Province can help us!

It's time to implore our Town to take action and find a better location for the 9 month Dry Housing project, as well as a better long-term home for the public works project. But time is critical in order to serve these vulnerable people in need while saving our forest. So let's get the word out and send a message to our council that they can't ignore!

We can do this Qualicum Beach. Its our time to save our Home!